Procedure in Hotmail to Sign in and Login

Hotmail Login Process

When you wish to sign in, all you need to do is the following:

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  • You need to type in in your browser. Even if you type in or you will be redirected to
  • Once you are on the Outlook main page, you can sign in using the sign in panel given on the right hand side of the main page.
  • Here you are asked to key in your username and password.
  • The username needs to be your existing Hotmail address.
  • After you have successfully keyed in the password you can sign into the account.
  • You can check on the option to keep you logged in or to remember you on this computer.

hotmail login

For many who are accessing their account after a long time, remembering the password is a dilemma. For them, resetting the password id the only option. They are asked to key in the alternate email address that they had registered at the time of signing up for a Hotmail account. The reset password link is then sent to this email address. One can click on the reset link and they will be redirected to a new page, asking them to key in a new password. At the time of choosing a new password one needs to make it at least of eight characters and a combination of alphanumeric characters. It should preferably be different from the last few passwords chosen.

New Sign in Hotmail account

There are certain security measures that needed to be adopted at the time of logging into one’s account. One can choose the two step verification code to be activated through the security settings option. This will prompt a security code to be sent to the alternate email address or registered phone number at the time by logging into your account. This allows one to make their account secure from hacking activities. There is a single code sign in feature introduced by Microsoft to allow users to log in safely and save time as well.


Are you planning to sign into your Hotmail account today? With the plethora of accounts that everyone holds for different reasons, it might be difficult to manage logging into one’s several accounts often. There are certain problems that are incurred when one does not log into their email account for a long time. An email account is made dormant or inactive when the user has not accessed it for a certain period of time which varies from one email service to another. There are steps to be followed when one wishes to reactivate a dormant account.

Even if you have been accessing your Hotmail account frequently you might have noticed certain changes have come about in the sign in process. You are no longer able to log in through the dedicated Hotmail domain. You are redirected to Outlook domain, the new web based email that has been introduced by Microsoft. This is the domain that has integrated the accounts of all existing Hotmail users.

At the time Hotmail was launched it was the first of its kind, being a free web based email service launched in an era of ISP paid email subscription services. Even today Hotmail remains as a free web based email service that is run by Microsoft. Several changes have taken place since Microsoft bought over the Hotmail service. From the new millennium, Microsoft started an integration process of bringing together all the plethora of services it offers under a comprehensive platform. As a result, the Live campaign was launched. Later on Outlook was launched as a new web based email service by Microsoft. Today, Hotmail has been integrated into this platform. As a result, those who are existing Hotmail users can not only access their email accounts through the Outlook domain they can also avail of the better features and functions offered on the Outlook domain.

For those who have an existing Hotmail account, all they need to do is log onto the Outlook domain to access their account. Even if one types in the old domain address of or, they will be automatically redirected to

Open Hotmail Inbox Platform

The attractive main page interface of Outlook opens up and the sign in panel is evident on the right hand side of the main page. One does not need to hesitate as to what username or password to key in this section. One needs to type in their full email address and password in order to access their account. Today all existing users of different Microsoft’s services such as Hotmail, Xbox and others can all access their accounts through this unified platform.

At the time of signing in, one can choose to stay signed in. There is a box given below the sign in panel where one can check off if the computer that one is logging into their personal computer. When one logs in through their personal computer staying logged in saves time as one does not have to key in their username and password all the time. The option of being remembered on the computer is also presented by many web browsers. These options need to be opted for when one is using a personal computer but needs to be avoided when one signs in from different accounts.

Activate 2-step veritication

Today there is a two step verification process initiated by Microsoft which can be opted in to safeguard one’s account login process further. This needs to be initiated by visiting one’s email account and going to the security settings option. Here one can click on the option for activating the two step verification process. Alternatively, one can also use the single code login introduced by Microsoft. Under this process, a verification code is sent to one’s registered phone number every time one wishes to log in. This process bypasses the need for keying in the password every time. This also makes the login process secure and convenient at the same time for all users of Microsoft services as well as Hotmail account users.

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