How to Sign up for a new Hotmail account

If you wish to sign up to Hotmail, you will be redirected to Outlook domain, the new email service launched by Microsoft. The process of signing up for a new Hotmail account is as follows:

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  • Log onto
  • Click the option for sign up for new account which is found on the left hand side panel
  • This link will take you to the sign up page for a new Microsoft account
  • The steps included for signing up for a new Microsoft account are few
  • The first step comprises of choosing a username. Here one can use their existing email addresses. For instance, if one has an alternate email address on Gmail or Yahoo, they can use the same as their email address as the domain for their account will remain on Outlook.
  • The second step is the creation of a password. The password needs to be strong to prevent hacking activities. As a result, it needs to be of a minimum of eight characters of alpha numeric combination and special characters. The password needs to be approved before you can continue.
  • The next steps need certain personal details to be filled in such as first and last name, gender, date of birth and country of residence.
  • For security measures one needs to supply an alternate email address and a phone number that can be verified. These are needed for the two step verification process that needs to be activated for logging in securely to your account. These details help you to use the single code login feature as well as retrieve or reset the password of their account

The last steps comprise of verifying the captcha code that is provided as well as agreeing to the terms and conditions. Once the new account is created, it is easy to login and access new features of the Outlook domain. With the apps launched for the different smartphones, you can have your email inbox in your phone and at your fingertips at all times. The app allows one to check emails, reply and download attachments and so forth.

The new Hotmail users on Outlook domain have a lot to look forward to. The ID generated is a Microsoft ID. This allows access not only to an email account but all associated features offered by Microsoft. All the services that are found under the Microsoft domain can be accessed with this ID. If you are an Xbox user you will find the same login credentials working for accessing the Xbox live feature. The ID also provides access to OneDrive where a dedicated storage facility is offered to all registered users. It is easy to store and share files through this service. There are several other services of Microsoft which become accessible for all registered Microsoft users. Today having a Hotmail alias Outlook account will provide several benefits to the users who sign up under the new domain.

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