How Create a Hotmail Account to Login

If you would like to use the Hotmail email service, then you will have to sign up for a new account. Creation of a new Hotmail account is very easy and simple process. It will just take a few minutes and you will be able to easily access your account and check out mails.

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Hotmail is the oldest web based email service that is now acquired by Microsoft. The company has done away with Hotmail and now it is in the form of the new But, still you have the option of creating and using a Hotmail account through Outlook service.

Creating Hotmail Account

Open your web browser and visit the official site of You will instantly be taken to the log in page. Look out for the sign up option on the sign in page and then click on it. Now, you will be directed to the Microsoft account creation page. You will be required to enter your name followed by the desired username. You can opt for the option in the space provided if you would like to open a Hotmail email account. Next, you need to enter a strong password that is easy to remember and cannot be hacked easily.

After this, you need to enter personal information like gender, date of birth, postal code and your mobile number with country code for security purposes. You will also be asked to key in your alternate email address where you  will receive message for lost password or forgot password request, if you have not given your mobile number. Also, you should enter the CAPTCHA code as the last stage of account creation in the space provided for it. Once done, click on open new account option get a new Hotmail account. You can now sign in to Hotmail by using your new username and password.

Are you having an active Hotmail account? Do you face certain common problems while logging in to your Hotmail account? Hotmail offers the best web based email service for free so that you can always stay connected with your family and friends all over the globe all  through  the day and night. Hotmail sign in is very easy. All you have to do is to enter your username and password and you can enter into your Hotmail inbox to compose or check out new messages. But, occasionally you might encounter a few problems or issues when signing in to Hotmail account. The following are some of the common sign-in problems that you might face and the remedies for you to overcome the problems.

Page Loading Problems

Most of the people make the error of keying in a wrong password when signing in to their Hotmail account. You should key in the exact password that you had used while signing up for a Hotmail account in order to access your Hotmail emails. If you are prompted that the password you had entered is incorrect, then check if the Caps Lock is off or not. Passwords are case sensitive. If you have forgotten your password or lost it, then you need to reset your password. To reset your password, you need to click to reset your password option and then choose the reason why you want to reset the password. Click on the Next button and then enter your valid Microsoft email address. Now, enter the CAPTCHA code characters that come on your screen and click next option. You will receive a one time code in your mobile phone which you need to enter in the space provided on the next screen to create a new password.

Incorrect Password

There are many times you might come across page loading problems when you load the web page. The Hotmail log in page might take more time to load. This might be due to slow speed of the internet connection. There are even times when the Hotmail server also takes more time to load the page. If this happens, you need to switch the tab and open the Hotmail sign in page in the new tab.

Hacked Account

If you feel that your account has been compromised due to hacking, then you might not be able to access your account with your password. You will have to reset your password. Before you do this, you should clear your computer of all the viruses in the system using a good antivirus software. Then, you will have to change the password and create a strong password that cannot be hacked easily. It is better to use a password that has a mix of alphanumeric characters as well as uppercase and lowercase characters with one or two special characters attached to it.

If you are using a mobile phone to browse your Hotmail, then you might face log in problems when you try to log in through your mobile phone browser. It is best to use Hotmail apps to access email account instead of using mobile browsers.

Hotmail is one of the most preferred email services on the web. But, these days with the wide use of Smartphones, people prefer to even access their mails while they are on the go or stuck in a traffic jam. If you have a app downloaded in your Smartphone, then you can access Hotmail at any time and at any place. You are free from being in front of your computer to check out mails.

Access Hotmail On Android Phone

Microsoft offers a Android app that you can find on Google Play Store. You can download the app for free from Play store to check out mails from your mobile phone. This app will work perfectly for as well. You just need to download the app on your mobile phone. Go to downloads option on your phone’s home screen and launch the app. You will now be asked to enter your email address and your password. Give your hotmail username or email id and password and click on next to activate your Hotmail account app. Now, you will be able to access your Hotmail inbox from your mobile phone as well.

Hotmail.Com App For iPhone

You can find the free to download app for iPhones in the iTunes store. You can even download the same from the Microsoft website. You will need to first download the app on your phone. Once done, you need to install and launch the program from your mobile phone. Now, you just need to log in to your account with your Hotmail username and password through your mobile phone. Once done, the app will start to sync with your Hotmail account and you will be able to use your iPhone to send and receive mails. Now, you get the freedom to access Hotmail inbox while on the go.

Hotmail is the oldest free web based email service available and is now a part of the mail service. Hotmail is a property of the popular software giant company Microsoft and in order to offer better and interesting features, Microsoft has switched all Hotmail accounts to Earlier, Hotmail accounts were switched to Windows Live accounts in order to offer better features for its users. Now, Microsoft competes with the likes of popular email service called Gmail offered by Google, it has integrated its old Hotmail service to to offer better features and services. So, every time you log on to your Hotmail account, you will be navigated to You can use features and inbox using your old Hotmail account details. You need not make a shift to to enjoy the features on offer.

You will be finding the user interface of to be quite different from Live or the Hotmail user interface. There are lots of new features and additions made to to make emailing easy and lightning fast. The outlook is an upgraded version of Hotmail and Live. It is modern and comes with stylish and clean design. It is easily connected with other networking platforms so that you can carry out conversations with friends and family members, share photos, Tweets and also do Facebook updates right from your inbox. You have lots of free storage space so that you do not need to delete your inbox for the rest of your life. With just one Hotmail account, you have access to all services offered by Microsoft like Skype, Bing, OneDrive, etc. There is very less spam with Outlook and it works perfectly on PC, Mac, tablet and mobile phones. All your emails, email address, passwords and files will remain the same across all the devices and you need not create individual accounts to access your mails.

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